Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Insane Cat Lady

Misty and I have been discussing Halloween costumes; she thinks since we have our own apartment this year she should dress up and have fun. I really have never been a fan of dressing cats up in silly costumes and told her so, but she would have none of it. In an effort to be supportive I suggested she dress as Catkenstein. Misty thought that might be ok until I started talking about how we could stick bolts to the sides of her head; then she said she had changed her mind about the whole Catkenstein thing. Later Misty thought of being Catpira, but I said did she really want to show that much cleavage at her age? So she flounced off in a huff and glared at me from the top of the cat tree. That always gives me the willies. She just might decide to pounce on me or something…… After she calmed down I suggested she be a clown (I mean after all she was acting like one). She said no. Cow Cat… She said if I wasn’t going to be serious to shut up! Hummmmm I thought we were supposed to be having fun;-) Finally I said why didn’t she go as an alley cat? All she would have to do is get nice and dirty, but now that she is an apartment cat she is above that sort of thing…..

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