Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Problem with Organizers

Today I was reading an article by a woman who desired the perfect house. She organized her life in an attempt to make her house look like one of those design magazines. All the cushions just so and the magazines arranged to show rather than to read. When she visited her Mom and she took pictures to show her. Her Mother commented that of all the rooms in the house she liked her office best because it looked like a place where she would live. That made her reevaluate how her goals.
I thought about what she had to say and I realized that when I do my best creative thinking is when I am surrounded by beads and beady things. I fell to thinking about all the beads in the storage closet of my apartment. I am always trying to organize them, but when I am really working they creep out of their storage boxes and end up all over the apartment on the dining table, in the kitchen, and in the bedroom. I have even found them in the bathroom, wherever there is a flat space where I can see them and think about them. So I thought maybe I should just bring them out into my living space in an organized manor. I began to do some internet research on organizers and ran into a snag.
The problem with organizers is well…they organize. People who organize want to put things away. I want invite my beads out to play. There are a myriad of staking boxes and containers with smaller containers that fit inside. There are tubes and bottles. They come in glass and plastic, clear and colored, flower shaped and round you want it they have it as long as you goal is to put it away out of site. The best desk systems I have seen for my purpose are actually designed for scrap bookers, still the main goal is paper storage so once again out of site out of mind. I have seen a few DIY projects that have planted a few ideas. The problem there is that I am not in the least mechanical, and I lack a D.H. who is….. and if I had one would he want beads creeping out to play?


  1. I am an organizer but I like the lived in look, but it still has to be neat and tidy. And it may look that way but I have to know where everything is. Everything. I hate having to look for anything!

  2. The closet organizer inside (yes I meant that pun) wishes I were that way but alas, I usually do have to look.