Monday, November 8, 2010

911 and Cell Phones

Today one of my co-workers told me that her niece had passed away on Thursday of last week. Her husband had left for work and the young woman had stayed in bed as usual. Her wheelchair bound brother, who was down stares, became concerned when she did not get up at her usual time. He called to her without results. The land line was not working because of an area wide power outage and his cell phone was out of minutes. The young man was unable to get help for his sister and she passed away shortly after her husband returned home that evening. The tragic thing is that he did have the means of calling for help. All cell phones will call 911 even if you are out of minutes. The phone does not even need to be signed up to a service provider it will still call 911. No one in my office was aware of this; please make sure your friends and family are aware. If they have a cell phone keep it charged even if they do not have minutes it could save someones life!