Tuesday, March 10, 2015

So, You Have Decided to Murder a Butternut Squash

I congratulate you! Butternut squash murder is time consuming and messy but well worth the effort. I have no good advice to offer as to the process; although I did read something today about roasting them slowly, in their own juices… Ok. She did not put it like that - exactly. All kidding aside I love them! I can buy one and put in in the pantry until I want it. It can be cut up ahead of time and kept in the refrigerator to be used as needed; or it can be frozen in a storage container.  They have been a really good price this year so I have “murdered” quite a few.

I have been trying to make them into noodles recently. I have to admit I have been less then successful. My first attempt with a mandolin like device resulted in the loss of most of a fingernail and a small blood sacrifice to my dinner. The food was really good though. Today I tried with my new Veggetti can you say, “Fail?” I ended up making zoodle ribbons with the vegetable peeler. I cooked them with a simple tomato and meat sauce it was really good. I have seen recipes for zucchini lasagna and I might try it with butternut squash ribbons sometime.

I have used the Veggetti to make zucchini noodles and it does a great job. The butternut squash was not only the wrong shape it was hard and brittle. It was also difficult to hang on to. The cap that is supposed to help hold the vegetable tore holes in the squash. I did however learn that raw butternut squash tastes a little like a really tough carrot. In the unlikely event I were to serve it in salad I would grate it finely. I am looking forward to playing with my Veggetti. Carrots are next on the list of “noodles” to try. 

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