Thursday, April 2, 2015

Becoming a Bag Lady

It all started with Wal-Mart bags. About two years ago I crocheted a bag out of Wal-Mart bags. Then I discovered Target bags and I was sunk. I realized I was in real trouble when I saw a Dollar General bag being used as a trash can liner and thought, “What a waste!” I started coveting other people’s plastic bags. One day I went into a store and asked for their loose bags. I got some really weird looks! What can I say? They are pretty. Yes everything from soft tan Jerry Lee’s bags to bright blue Best Buy bags, even Wal-Mart bags have their place. I want your bags! (Well... maybe not your Wal-Mart bags.) Friends started saving me bags. I eagerly open them and look in and say things like, “Oooo! A Hobby Lobby bag!” Hobby Lobby bags have so many nice colors and they are a “rare” bag. Then there are the treasured bags from other countries. I love foreign bags! I have discussions about the relative properties of plastic bags, how they cut and act when crocheted with.

Then it happened. Last week at church I hear, “Hey! Bag Lady!” and I answered….

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