Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Using Disposable Tablecloths for Plarn

I have been working with plarn for a little over two years now. I have mostly been using grocery sacks but almost any plastic bag will do. Lately someone I know who sets up public events has been saving disposable tablecloths for me. So I thought I would pass along the information on how I cut them for use as plarn. When I first used plastic tablecloths as plarn I cut the plastic into strips and tied it together with an overhand knot. That works fine but depending on the length of the strips it can mean a lot of knots. After some thought during chair yoga a diagram I had seen somewhere or other popped into my head. I tried it when I got home and the cutting plan works great. Now I am going to try to explain it to you. First fold the plastic in half lengthwise. Fold again so that the tablecloth is now quartered. The tablecloth I used in the photo was cut from a roll so the ends were not even. I trimmed it so it was more or less even. Now fold the plastic into a flat pad leaving the last three inches or so unrolled Keep in mind that the plastic is slick and you will be cutting through all the layers. Don’t roll it too tight. Holding it firmly against the table begin to cut it into strips leaving the last two to three inches uncut. When you reach the center fold keep in mind that that strip will be twice the width you cut it when folded. Now cut a strip loose at one end follow it to the join at the other end and cut every other strip loose. I have tried to illustrate this with a sheet of printer paper. I have drawn the lines to cut on either end. You should have one long strip. I used a piece cut for a five foot table. It did not occur to me to measure the strip until I had wound over half of it up but it was over 150 yards long. 

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