Thursday, May 21, 2015

The Evolution of a Gardener

Yesterday I spent some time with Carol Carlisle talking about her Daylilies. My Mother has a long history of interest in plants that began when she was a teenager while in 4H she joined a shrub identification group. She and her team learned to identify plants by their foliage, flowers and shape. They participated in contests around the state of Texas and went to the state championships twice. Carol began to grow vegetables in 1964 to help provide fresh produce for her growing family. Through the years she has had flower beds but she did not discover her passion for wild flower gardening until the mid-80’s.  Well I remember pulling the car over to capture a wild plant that my Mother did not have in her garden. Carol and her husband Bob relocated to Mississippi. In 1998 my Grandmother, Ruth Carlisle, moved to Ocean Springs, MS. Carol helped her to transplant her flowers at her new home. Ruth had several heirloom yellow and orange daylilies; Coral thought that they were really pretty. Not long after she saw an advertisement for a Daylily Club meeting at her local library. She soon learned that daylilies come in all different colors! The first daylily she bought was, “Best of Friends.” When asked, Carol was unable to pick a favorite variety. “There is always something new blooming,” she said. 
Carol and her Daylily Club are getting ready for their 11th annual show at Edgewater mall this Saturday. If you would like to learn more why not stop by? The show will be inside the mall in front of Dillard’s department store. The flower judging and the plant sale will be in the morning beginning at 10:00 am. The show is from 1:00 to 5:00 pm.  

Sunday, May 17, 2015

New Dog Mom

So this week I became a first-time dog mom. I have always been a cat mom before so this is somewhat new territory. Your average cat comes home with you; you show it the litter box, the cat food dish, and the water dish. The cat proceeds to howl or ignore you. Or to howl and ignore you until the cat has punished you for being kind enough to take it in. Then it sets about making you it’s servant for life. Dogs are different. They are like toddlers cute, independent, needy, and lost in their new home. Little changes throw off their routine and like small children routine equals security. This week as I was walking Baxter I received my first unsolicited dog mom advice it was an interesting experience on two levels. First it gave me a faint glimmer of what it is like to receive unsolicited parenting advice from comparative strangers and second it wound up being a little funny.

It started out innocently enough; I was walking Baxter and encountered one of our neighbors at the corner of her yard. She came out to greet my new dog and introduce her tiny bit of nothing dog.  I asked her an honest question, she answered. Then the tiny bit of nothing came over and my puppy tried to get a closer look at it. She scooped her dog up and informed me I was walking my dog wrong. I responded that Baxter was new to a leash and he was doing better every day.  Baxter began to be bored and fidgety so I gave him an animal cracker from my pocket. You would have thought I’d given him chocolate the way she carried on! How much was I feeding him? I should stick to his diet! I wondered to myself, “What diet?” How many times a day was I feeding him? In the meanwhile her husband had sauntered over and like the good ole Texas boy he is he slid in with, “Like you stick to their diets?” I have a system she declared, like a gambler who doesn't have a problem, “When I make a sandwich for me I make a half a one for them and cut it into pieces.” Then she changed the subject….   

Friday, May 1, 2015

Missing Blue Bell in Vancleave

Today I went to Greer’s grocery store in Vancleave for a loaf of bread. After I priced and compared all the loaves of bread and settled on the cheapest one. I wondered over to the ice cream cases out of curiosity. I wanted to see if there was any Blue Bell ice cream. While I was standing there listening to my inner demented person. (You know that person? She was wondering what would happen if I stood in front of the Blue Bell case and howled. She has a strange sense of humor. One day I am going to need bail money…) I heard three different forlorn voices asking employees when they were going to get any Blue Bell in. I mentioned this to the cashier and she gave me a slightly desperate look and said, “I Know!” Then I mentioned the howling. I wish I had a picture of that expression….