Friday, May 1, 2015

Missing Blue Bell in Vancleave

Today I went to Greer’s grocery store in Vancleave for a loaf of bread. After I priced and compared all the loaves of bread and settled on the cheapest one. I wondered over to the ice cream cases out of curiosity. I wanted to see if there was any Blue Bell ice cream. While I was standing there listening to my inner demented person. (You know that person? She was wondering what would happen if I stood in front of the Blue Bell case and howled. She has a strange sense of humor. One day I am going to need bail money…) I heard three different forlorn voices asking employees when they were going to get any Blue Bell in. I mentioned this to the cashier and she gave me a slightly desperate look and said, “I Know!” Then I mentioned the howling. I wish I had a picture of that expression….

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